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A community-driven appreciation software that enables employees to receive gratitude and recognition from managers, fellow employees & customers. Enter your email below to schedule a demo or download the free customer version on iOS or Android.

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We know that time is your greatest commodity, so we put simplicity as our top priority. From onboarding to implementation, Empowerball is easy from day one. If you can send a text message, you can send an EmpowerBall. Timely, consistent appreciation is now attainable!


Humans are pretty good at identifying what's wrong or needs to be fixed - we don't need a software solution for that. Empowerball is the place for exchanging gratitude, appreciation, recognition, celebration and good vibes. Energy is contagious.


Gone are the days of depending on hierarchical, top-down appreciation and yearly employee performance reviews to show your employees they matter. With our peer-to-peer model, everyone has the power to uplift others. After all, we're in this together.

Why Appreciation?

79% of people who leave their jobs site a "lack of appreciation" as their number one reason for leaving. When an employee leaves, it costs your company anywhere between 30-150% of their salary to replace them. The average turnover rate in America is 14%. You do the math.

Gratitude - and it's close siblings appreciation, recognition, validation and celebration - are rarely given the attention they deserve, despite the overwhelming human desire to feel seen and appreciated. Successful companies know the value of highly engaged teams and positive workplace cultures. EmpowerBall focuses on enabling and encouraging people to give and receive uplifting messages. Gratitude and appreciation have been shown to create: • An amplified company culture • Higher levels of employee happiness, resilience, job satisfaction & optimism • Lower levels of frustration, turnover, entitlement, anxiety and stress • More unified and aligned teams • Increased employee engagement • Increase in behaviors that positively impact the bottom line

The science behind the positive effects of gratitude is new yet robust. First, we can look at neuroplasticity. Our brain has the ability to rewire itself based on what we pay attention to. So, if you look for things to be frustrated about, you become more frustrated. In the same sense, if you look for things to be grateful for, you become more grateful. Next, we have mirror neurons. In the 1980s, scientists discovered that the brain is wired with mirror neurons that fire when we perceive others’ emotions. These neurons mirror in us what we sense others experiencing, a signal so strong that we can feel others’ emotions as our own. So, if you want to be part of a more positive, appreciative company culture, you can start by becoming more positive and appreciative, as that is what will be mirrored back to you.

The price of a fancy latte.

We know coffee is a powerful force, but just imagine the power of an engaged, positive workplace culture. Trust us, it puts caffeine to shame!

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